What? 2013?

January 29, 2013
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Can you believe it is 2013?  Happy New Year, by the way!  With the start of a bright and shiny new year, we all have the promise of new beginnings, fresh starts and a chance at happily ever after.  But then Feburary comes and we ask ourselves, "What diet?"  "Workout when?" "Floss what?".  Yes, we become victims of memory loss and we go back to our old familiar and comfortable habits.  Taking care of ourselves should not be this hard! Together, let's make a pledge to be good to ourselves. Repeat after me, "I promise to brush twice a day, floss regularly and use the treadmill for my workouts and not just a clothes hanger.  I also pledge to be kind to others, eat healthy and get a good night's sleep at some point!"  Ready, set, go...just think, we have all year to make this work!