Communication is the Key!

Recently I needed to hire an exterminator.  Like most modern consumers I went to Yelp! to read recommendations on local services in my area.  I came across a great company that had one bad review.  The review really talked poorly about the owner's son and what a terrible job he did on her apartment.  But I decided to read all the reviews and noticed that all the other ratings and comments were pretty high.  So I decided to give him a try.  As fate would have it,  the son shows up for my appointment and he was absolutely wonderful!  Of course he asked me if I read the review.  I thought to myself, of all the glowing comments his customers shared about his work, he focused on the negative one.  That is what we all tend to do.  He explained to me that his unhappy client did not listen when he was trying to explain what could or could not be done.  So she became angry.  I could truly relate to this story.  How many times have you thought you were being  clear and realize, wow how did this go so wrong?   The key to a good relationship is trust and good communication.  It is very important when making a decision about your dental care.  A good team member can explain treatment options, but patients should be their own dental advocates.  Here are a few questions you can ask when you are not sure about dental procedures:

  1. What are the treatment options?
  2. Is there alternative treatments?
  3. What are the risk and benefits to treatment?
  4. Can this re-occur?
  5. What options would give me the best outcome?

Think about your relationship with your dentist as a partnership.  Build a relationship that is based on open and honest communication.  It is important to tell your dentist about yourself and your needs and you should not be afraid to ask key questions about your dental care. By the way, never judge a business by one bad could be a communication problem!

Dr. Forge