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By contactus
July 12, 2012
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I love summer.  It is my favorite time of year.  I think what I love most is a more flexible schedule even though I continue to work.  What I really enjoy is time away from 'the machine', better known as school.  Every parent knows that once school begins your life is no longer your own. It's about homework, school projects and sports.  Summer makes me forget just for a little while that I was a person before I became a parent.  I try and change my routine by reading a summer novel, biking down by the beach, and visiting with friends.  This year I am planning on taking one of those Hollywood bus tours (even though I have lived here my whole life) just to feel like a tourist in my hometown!   I hope you will have any opportunity to enjoy some quality time with family and friends this summer and try a new experience.  You will be surprised how much fun you can have in your own backyard!

Have you heard about our summer whitening offer?  Just in time for reunions, weddings or whatever, we are offering a take home whitening kit with custom trays for $125 (regularly $300).  I hope you will use this opportunity to brighten your smile!

 Relax and enjoy your summer....because you know what starts in September!

Yours in dental health,

Dr. Forge