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By contactus
March 15, 2012
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Can you believe that spring is almost here?  Weren't we just celebrating Christmas last week?  The older I get, the faster time seems to move, and I often find myself wondering where does the time go?  I really try and practice an attitude of gratitude each day, so I remember what is truly important and treasure all the blessings in my life.  That is why I love spring.   It is such a great time to renew, re-evaluate and revitalize! 

  • Renew your commitment to taking care of yourself, including your teeth and gums.  Often patients will go to the doctor for a check-up, but will not visit the dentist because "nothing is hurting".  If it hurts, it is probably to late for a filling!
  • Re-evaluate your priorities when it comes to your dental health.  Don't be that patient who would rather get your nails done than get your teeth restored.  Don't fool yourself, a great smile can make a big difference in your appearance! Quick...think of someone you know who has missing front teeth.  What was your first impression of that person?
  • Revitalize your smile with whitening! Starting next month our office will be offering Sensational Smiles. Most whitening comes in the form of trays or strips which often take days or weeks.  Sensational Smiles is a professional whitening system here in the office that is affordable and has great results.  Be ready for summer by having your teeth whiten this spring!  You deserve the best!  Ask one of our team members for more information.  You will be shocked at the price compared to traditional in-office whitening!

So as I enjoy April showers and appreciate May flowers, I will carry the joy of spring in my heart all year long!

Happy Spring!